These are the Count Category PC games on GameRequirementsLab.

Aka Ninja VR System Requirements

Aka Ninja VR

What is Aka Ninja VR? Very bloody and exciting cut people VR game. You can cut enemies at will ...

Batteries Included System Requirements

Batteries Included

What is Batteries Included? Batteries Included is a Virtual Reality action / light-strategy gam...

BUGWORLD:ONLINE System Requirements


What is BUGWORLD:ONLINE? BUGWORLD:ONLINE is a social MMO with an advanced Lobby featureset and ...

Brave's Rage System Requirements

Brave's Rage

What is Brave's Rage? "Brave's Rage" is a challenging real-time strategy card game. The gamepla...

Crop Dusta System Requirements

Crop Dusta

What is Crop Dusta? Crop Dusta is a fast-paced Puzzle Action game. You control the crop duster ...

Championship eSports Manager System Requirements

Championship eSports Manager

What is Championship eSports Manager? Championship eSports Manager is an eSports simulation gam...

CYBERSPACE VR System Requirements


What is CYBERSPACE VR? CYBERSPACE VR is a Fast-Paced Tower Defense / FPS Hybrid VR Game set in ...

Chat Millions - Stream Quiz Game System Requirements

Chat Millions - Stream Quiz Game

What is Chat Millions - Stream Quiz Game? Play the classic 4-choice quiz with a new twist, and ...

Deadly Maze System Requirements

Deadly Maze

What is Deadly Maze? Just an old school arcade shooter that isn't made to be taken seriously......

EXOTIUM - Episode 1 System Requirements

EXOTIUM - Episode 1

What is EXOTIUM - Episode 1? In 2082, the human species lives in peace, and its technological a...

Fatman Simulator System Requirements

Fatman Simulator

What is Fatman Simulator? Fatman Simulator is a simulation game in which you can experience the...

Frontline: World War II System Requirements

Frontline: World War II

What is Frontline: World War II? In this Table-top WWII Hex-strategy game, you get to lead your...

GreenFlame System Requirements


What is GreenFlame? BlueFlame has brought never-ending Winter to the land. Use your custom Gree...

Ghost Opera House 剧院魅影 System Requirements

Ghost Opera House 剧院魅影

What is Ghost Opera House 剧院魅影? This is a first-person perspective VR horror decryption...

Germany at War - Soviet Dawn System Requirements

Germany at War - Soviet Dawn

What is Germany at War - Soviet Dawn? Germany At War: Soviet Dawn is a turn-based operational w...

GunBlocks - Prologue System Requirements

GunBlocks - Prologue

What is GunBlocks - Prologue? In this prologue you crash-land on a mysterious planet. In order ...

Happy New Hentai System Requirements

Happy New Hentai

What is Happy New Hentai? Happy New Hentai is a puzzle game with a new year mood, you need to m...

Into the Pyramid System Requirements

Into the Pyramid

What is Into the Pyramid? Into the Pyramid is the new multiplayer game from Aisukaze Studio, be...

Let's Learn Japanese: Deluxe System Requirements

Let's Learn Japanese: Deluxe

What is Let's Learn Japanese: Deluxe? Let's Learn Japanese: Deluxe is a language learning game ...

Moon Blob System Requirements

Moon Blob

What is Moon Blob? Play as Bob The Blob as you explore and shoot your way through the moons of ...