System Requirements

Monsters, Briefcase and Road System Requirements

Monsters, Briefcase and Road

What is Monsters, Briefcase and Road? Colorful bitemap, which takes place in the world of monst...

Final Frame System Requirements

Final Frame

What is Final Frame? Inspired by Danganronpa and Ace Attorney series, Final Frame is a murder m...

Village of Zombies System Requirements

Village of Zombies

What is Village of Zombies? In Village of Zombies you can fight against zombies and mutants tog...

Pax Narcotica: Trafficker System Requirements

Pax Narcotica: Trafficker

What is Pax Narcotica: Trafficker? Become a cartel boss and take over the US drug trade. Build ...

Employee A System Requirements

Employee A

What is Employee A? A Silicon Valley-themed mystery adventure game

A Sex Slave's  Love Story System Requirements

A Sex Slave's Love Story

What is A Sex Slave's Love Story? "A Sex Slave's Love Story" is a visual novel that tells the ...

Maison Rouge System Requirements

Maison Rouge

What is Maison Rouge? This is a story about an ordinary person living during the economic crisi...

Match Match Mania! System Requirements

Match Match Mania!

What is Match Match Mania!? Compete head to head in this exciting FPS Match-3 MOBA!

Mixology System Requirements


What is Mixology? This is not just any drinking game! Welcome to the Mixology Hostess Club, dea...

Layers of nightmares System Requirements

Layers of nightmares

What is Layers of nightmares? A psychological horror suspense horror game about a girl who unkn...

Life with College Girl System Requirements

Life with College Girl

What is Life with College Girl? I met a girl named Snow on the Internet, and she turned out to ...

GroundFall System Requirements


What is GroundFall? Groundfall is a first-person, bush flying, survival game in an open world w...

Great Song's Records of Economy System Requirements

Great Song's Records of Economy

What is Great Song's Records of Economy? Great Song's Records of Economy is a simulation game b...

Guild Project System Requirements

Guild Project

What is Guild Project? An old school turn-based dungeon crawler inspired by classic JRPGs- mana...

Goose vs Zombies System Requirements

Goose vs Zombies

What is Goose vs Zombies? Play as a goose and destroy zombies. Hooonk! 3D Platformer Action-adv...

Hellbound: the Awakening System Requirements

Hellbound: the Awakening

What is Hellbound: the Awakening? Hellbound: the Awakening is a fresh take on the highly popula...

I See Red System Requirements

I See Red

What is I See Red? A frantic twin-stick shooter roguelite where you must rage through different...

Imprisoned Hyperion System Requirements

Imprisoned Hyperion

What is Imprisoned Hyperion? imprisoned hyperion is an imersive sim, first-person rpg. Explore ...

Iron Age System Requirements

Iron Age

What is Iron Age? Iron Age is a First-person dungeon crawler set in a Sci-Fi Fantasy world with...

Jaws & Claws System Requirements

Jaws & Claws

What is Jaws & Claws? Jaws & Claws combines elements of platformer, beat'em up, fighter, gunfir...