Free to Play

These are the 1946 Free to Play PC games on GameRequirementsLab.

ScreenPlay System Requirements


What is ScreenPlay? ScreenPlay is a cinema-themed comedy CCG with simultaneous and strategic ga...

WarBox: Camouflage System Requirements

WarBox: Camouflage

What is WarBox: Camouflage? WarBox: Camouflage combines all the great features of modern hero s...

Gradually Forward System Requirements

Gradually Forward

What is Gradually Forward? 《Gradually Forward 》 is an open world/legion game.

Witch Slide System Requirements

Witch Slide

What is Witch Slide? Witch Slide is a free to play, co-operative (1-4 players), sliding and dod...

Cube Conflict System Requirements

Cube Conflict

What is Cube Conflict? Cube Conflict is a free and open-source FPS where smileys are at war wit...

Anime Collector: Evo System Requirements

Anime Collector: Evo

What is Anime Collector: Evo? Anime Collector: EVO is a adult open-world MMORPG. Earn your stat...

Rise of the Robots X System Requirements

Rise of the Robots X

What is Rise of the Robots X? Rise of the Robots X (RoRx) is an online futuristic card-based st...

Merto's Part System Requirements

Merto's Part

What is Merto's Part? Merto's Part is a First Person Exploration game. Well..Who is Merto? He i...

Fire & Maneuver System Requirements

Fire & Maneuver

What is Fire & Maneuver? From the team that brought you The Armchair Historian comes a new stra...

Hidiom System Requirements


What is Hidiom? Hideom is a game whose focus is to look for English idioms that are hidden in a...

Blacksmith Village System Requirements

Blacksmith Village

What is Blacksmith Village? Let's pay off the debt by running the smithy left behind by my gran...

Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars System Requirements

Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars

What is Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars? Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars is a free-to-play fast-pac...

Crossing Frontier System Requirements

Crossing Frontier

What is Crossing Frontier? Crossing Frontier is a 2.5D action RPG. Choose your favorite charact...

Midair: Community Edition System Requirements

Midair: Community Edition

What is Midair: Community Edition? Midair: Community Edition is a fast-paced jetpack shooter se...

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Arena System Requirements

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Arena

What is Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Arena? Soul Arena is a round-based multiplayer strategy g...

Dracula System Requirements


What is Dracula? There can only be one. Discover the origins of Dracula in this classics-inspir...

Fight the Landlord System Requirements

Fight the Landlord

What is Fight the Landlord? A game of competition and card collection.Use your skills and items...

SCP: Pandemic System Requirements

SCP: Pandemic

What is SCP: Pandemic? SCP: Pandemic is a hardcore cooperative first-person tactical shooter. Y...

With You System Requirements

With You

What is With You? With You is a cooperative two-player puzzle-playground. It's a playful space ...

Fly Dangerous System Requirements

Fly Dangerous

What is Fly Dangerous? Extremely high skill-ceiling 6dof flight racing in a variety of environm...

Jaeger System Requirements


What is Jaeger? Jaeger is a third-person MOBA game with a massive character customization, uniq...

Lasting Solstice System Requirements

Lasting Solstice

What is Lasting Solstice? After suffering from amnesia, Kazu tries his best to regain his forme...

Mocap Fusion [ VR ] System Requirements

Mocap Fusion [ VR ]

What is Mocap Fusion [ VR ]? Create full-body motion capture using custom avatars and VR hardwa...

Elerena System Requirements


What is Elerena? Elerena is a magic-based dungeon crawler that hosts a variety of magic and ene...

Krai. Digital-poetry vol. 1 System Requirements

Krai. Digital-poetry vol. 1

What is Krai. Digital-poetry vol. 1? KRAI. DIGITAL-POETRY VOL.1 The first collection of digital...

Colony Simulator System Requirements

Colony Simulator

What is Colony Simulator? Can your Colony survive 10 days or more in the desert? Find food, bui...

Card Storm Idle System Requirements

Card Storm Idle

What is Card Storm Idle? Card Storm Idle is an incremental game with both idle and active plays...

sfäre System Requirements


What is sfäre? Sfäre is like watching clouds fused with a Rorschach test. Relax and enjoy wha...

Qube Saga System Requirements

Qube Saga

What is Qube Saga? Is Minecraft too lame, and 3DMax is too hard? We've got you covered! Want to...

Two of us System Requirements

Two of us

What is Two of us? Two of us is two-player multi-puzzle game!! This game's goal is to finalize ...