These are the Casual PC games on GameRequirementsLab.

Find Exit System Requirements

Find Exit

What is Find Exit? This is not what you are looking for. Who knows, he remembers.

AirShooShoo System Requirements


What is AirShooShoo? AirShooShoo is a precision platformer where you should avoid touching the p...

Droid Escape System Requirements

Droid Escape

What is Droid Escape? In this adventure, help Droid 07 to overcome challenges, discover mysterie...

IMMAY System Requirements


What is IMMAY? Reborn as the first princess of Trocnian and prevent the theft of your throne! Or...

Lost Along The Way System Requirements

Lost Along The Way

What is Lost Along The Way? A captivating visual novel set in a private academy. Play as Alex, a...

Miracle Warrior of Mountains and Seas System Requirements

Miracle Warrior of Mountains and Seas

What is Miracle Warrior of Mountains and Seas? This is a through the martial arts style game, th...

The ordinary case of Margaret Luoni System Requirements

The ordinary case of Margaret Luoni

What is The ordinary case of Margaret Luoni? The ordinary case of Margaret Luoni is a sci-fi det...

High Elo Girls System Requirements

High Elo Girls

What is High Elo Girls? High Elo Girls is a Visual Novel set in the esports scene where you play...

Angle Wars System Requirements

Angle Wars

What is Angle Wars? Angle Wars is a tactical top-down war game for one to four players, requirin...

04.19.2024 trans car racing System Requirements trans car racing

What is trans car racing? Immerse in the aura of adrenaline and horror in the world o...

PartySaur: Dino Mayhem System Requirements

PartySaur: Dino Mayhem

What is PartySaur: Dino Mayhem? PartySaur: Dino Mayhem is a casual 1 - 4 player local multiplaye...

Fruit Switch System Requirements

Fruit Switch

What is Fruit Switch? Take part in an adventure where you shoot your sticky fruits through the a...

Don't Fraud My Heart! System Requirements

Don't Fraud My Heart!

What is Don't Fraud My Heart!? Don't Fraud my Heart is a visual novel made entirely in Microsoft...

Raccoon Crafts Factory System Requirements

Raccoon Crafts Factory

What is Raccoon Crafts Factory? Raccoon Crafts Factory is a game about creating automated factor...

Red Rebellion System Requirements

Red Rebellion

What is Red Rebellion? A sapphic fairy tale mashup as Robin Hood teams up with Red Riding Hood t...

Toasty System Requirements


What is Toasty? Learn who you truly are! Stop the cataclysm and save your friends in the Action ...

NinMaki System Requirements


What is NinMaki? What do you know as a ninja? An expert in stealth? Or a powerful killing machin...

Joe Dungeon System Requirements

Joe Dungeon

What is Joe Dungeon? Joe Dungeon is a game about calculating risks and rewards via distance on a...

Elteria Adventures System Requirements

Elteria Adventures

What is Elteria Adventures? Build! Craft! Destroy! Jump on clouds and fight cute monsters in ski...

Voice over System Requirements

Voice over

What is Voice over? "Voice over" is a visual novel about millionaire Thomas and a maniac terrori...

Delicards - A Delicious Card Game System Requirements

Delicards - A Delicious Card Game

What is Delicards - A Delicious Card Game? Imagine being a chef at a restaurant, but instead of ...

Harem Wars System Requirements

Harem Wars

What is Harem Wars? Michelle has been forced to move back to her home town, hoping to return to ...

Shred The Undead System Requirements

Shred The Undead

What is Shred The Undead? Shred The Undead, is a 4 player musical co-op hack-and-slash games. In...

Wteruna System Requirements


What is Wteruna? A turn-based game, role-playing. Through the role-playing way to deduce a depra...

Turbo Fat System Requirements

Turbo Fat

What is Turbo Fat? A tasty twist on the classic block stacker! Spin, squish and combine pieces t...

On The Wind's Breath System Requirements

On The Wind's Breath

What is On The Wind's Breath? In “On the Wind's Breath”, play as a dandelion seed, navigate ...

Deep Russian Depression System Requirements

Deep Russian Depression

What is Deep Russian Depression? Deep Russian Depression is a visual novel about people whose fa...

TUS System Requirements


What is TUS? TUS is a fun, fast-paced shooter for you and your friends to play!

Touhou Danmaku Kagura Phantasia Lost System Requirements

Touhou Danmaku Kagura Phantasia Lost

What is Touhou Danmaku Kagura Phantasia Lost? A rhythm game in which players can play popular ar...

Chirality System Requirements


What is Chirality? “Chirality” is a modern mysterious game about boys’ love. Jingchu Li sp...