These are the Count Category PC games on GameRequirementsLab.

AIPD - Artificial Intelligence Police Department System Requirements

AIPD - Artificial Intelligence Police Department

What is AIPD - Artificial Intelligence Police Department? Enter the AI universe and fight evil ...

Cubixx HD System Requirements

Cubixx HD

What is Cubixx HD? Cubixx HD is a fast paced action puzzle game which sends high scoring, combo...

Plantera System Requirements


What is Plantera? In Plantera you build your own garden and watch it grow with new plants, bush...

Rabi-Ribi System Requirements


What is Rabi-Ribi? Dodge bullets, missiles and lasers in battle as you wrap your head around th...

The Slaughter: Act One System Requirements

The Slaughter: Act One

What is The Slaughter: Act One? The Slaughter is a noir point-and-click adventure set in Victor...

The Lost Mythologies System Requirements

The Lost Mythologies

What is The Lost Mythologies? The Lost Mythologies is a Chinese styled action game with intense...

The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom System Requirements

The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom

What is The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom? Unite the kingdom to take back your capital city! Y...

The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria System Requirements

The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria

What is The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria? Take back your throne from demon-summoning usurpers i...

Rusty Lake Hotel System Requirements

Rusty Lake Hotel

What is Rusty Lake Hotel? Are you ready to serve the guests in the Rusty Lake Hotel? Solve all ...

Sword 'N' Board System Requirements

Sword 'N' Board

What is Sword 'N' Board? A top down action adventure puzzle game full of imagination! Discover ...

Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO System Requirements

Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO

What is Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO? Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO brings off-road racing to a whole ...

Perraw - FPS Clone War Alpha System Requirements

Perraw - FPS Clone War Alpha

What is Perraw - FPS Clone War Alpha? Perraw is a FPS multiplayer/Tower Defense placed in an fu...

Operation: Matriarchy System Requirements

Operation: Matriarchy

What is Operation: Matriarchy? Operation: Matriarchy is a science fiction first-person shooter....

Medieval Playground System Requirements

Medieval Playground

What is Medieval Playground? Medieval Playground. Place and edit 3D Objects freely around the w...

MOAI 3: Trade Mission Collector's Edition System Requirements

MOAI 3: Trade Mission Collector's Edition

What is MOAI 3: Trade Mission Collector's Edition? The Hero and Bright Light return in an all-n...

Curvatron System Requirements


What is Curvatron? Curvatron is a minimalist twist on the classic snake games you played on you...

Duplexer System Requirements


What is Duplexer? Duplexer is a challenging single-player puzzle platformer game. The player ca...

Defunct System Requirements


What is Defunct? Defunct is an indie adventure game with a focus on flow, speed and an engaging...

Arctic alive System Requirements

Arctic alive

What is Arctic alive? Arctic alive - a simulator with elements of survival horror. The action t...

Bear Haven Nights System Requirements

Bear Haven Nights

What is Bear Haven Nights? Bear Haven Nights is a great indie horror game where you have to sur...