AMD Big Navi could still be faster than the RTX 3080

AMD Big Navi could still be faster than the RTX 3080

AMD Big Navi could still be faster than the RTX 3080

Leaked specs suggest that the AMD Big Navi GPU will rival Nvidia hardware. This may mean that AMD Big Navi could be faster than the RTX 3080.

Just weeks away from the release of AMD's RDNA 2 GPUs. However, an emerging listing may have leaked the features of the company's highly anticipated Big Navi cards ahead of time.

A Reddit user named Eagle-eyed has posted a list that reveals some of the features of Navi 21 or Big Navi, known as the Sienna Cichlid GPU, in the new ROCm (Radeon Open Compute) firmware.

The listing implies that the GPU will have 80 compute units (CUs) and a 256-bit memory bus. If each Compute Unit (CU) in AMD's RDNA 2 architecture still equals 64 Stream Processors (SP), that means Big Navi would have 5,120 SPs.

If that's true, and the GPU is running on TSMC's latest 7nm process, the flagship RDNA 2 processor could deliver performance at Nvidia RTX 3080 levels. After all, AMD promised that RDNA 2 would deliver 50% more performance per watt than the first generation RDNA architecture.

AMD Big Navi Features

AMD's Big Navi vs Nvidia's Ampere GPU
Moreover, a recent rumor suggests that the GPU will have 16GB of VRAM. That means there will be more than 10GB that Nvidia has loaded into its Ampere GPU.

The firmware update also refers to a graphics card with codename Navy Flounder, believed to be Navi 22 or Navi 23. According to the listing, this mid-range GPU has 40 CUs and a 192-bit memory bus.

This card will likely replace the AMD RX 5700 XT and support real-time ray tracing with the new RDNA 2 architecture, meaning gaming in 4K. We don't have any details about performance yet, but at this stage, the money you pay for Nvidia's RTX 2070 can pay off for you.

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It won't be long before we know for sure, as AMD will announce these new GPUs on October 28 under the RX 6000 series branding.