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The Slater System Requirements

The Slater System Requirements

Can I Run The Slater

Release Date: 20/09/2018

Minimum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Core i5
NVidia GPU GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Ram 8
HDD 11
Directx Directx 11
DedicatedVideoRam 2
PixelShader 5.0
VertexShader 5.0
OS Windows 7
Maximum Requirements
Directx NULL
DedicatedVideoRam NULL
PixelShader NULL
VertexShader NULL
Do you know these ?
What is Directx? What is CPU? What is GPU? What is RAM? What is HDD? What is Video Ram? What is the Operating System? What is Pixel Shader? What is Vertex Shader?

Check the The Slater system requirements. Can I Run it ? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC The Slater Minimum requirements, The Slater can you run it

Check the The Slater system requirements. Can I Run it ? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC
The Slater Minimum requirements, The Slater can you run it

Gamer 's games are few, The Slater is one of them.
Game 18+. You see the information logo at the moment you entered our review of the age, but I wanted to specify it anyway. I don't recommend The Slater to players under 18.

I know so many different people I can't. For example, there is someone over the PC overclocking champion, I don't give the name, when I asked which games you play, "I do not play games, I'm dealing with just overclocking," I got the answer. These profiles in the game industry so much that the game is the biggest evidence of them. There are hundreds or even thousands of people working for AAA productions. Such mistakes, such applications that are not done or such shortcomings that we come across “do not test this mu,“ how they could not think that ere and many other questions such as our mind is attacking. Sometimes you come to play such games that those who play the exact X-Y-Z games, definitely these developers are our heads, these are also called gamer. Here is The Slater this kind of game.

I have to say that the game is a super first. So much so that inden aha a bomb coming from a game, I'm in front of Max Payne a character, the atmosphere is there, gel I said, but slowly I went down this hype train. Wait, I'm not saying the game is bad. This excitement ended up with the details that independent games could not focus on with budget and lack of people, that's all. The game may not be called as an independent team or even a team, and most of the work, other than music and vocalization, is supported by Alessandro Laina. Laina Interactive, which distributes and develops, is a game that exceeds the class in every aspect except animations and artificial intelligence routine of this game from around Finland.

The Slater is an FPS game built on privacy and tactical thinking. We're running an old cop called Mark Slarter in the game. The story can be called a cliché, but it does, because the presentation is successful. Evil in the face of a kind of bad diet in the world can not afford this corrupt order is not enough if your father is executed what do you do? You try to make justice yourself. Mark Slater is also on this path. He's looking for drug traffickers, criminals, women sellers, gang leaders. Of course, this one does not do it.

Playable 6 episodes available. I've delayed a lot of other games. That's why I didn't try to end the dungeon by trying every way, without losing the civilian. I'm done with what we're going to call "fast run." The game lasted 6.3 hours in total. Let's turn on the performances, clean the characters in different ways and the playing time will increase. As I mentioned, you can follow different paths to finish the sections. This increases the playability of the game. Of course, love has an effect. Once you finish and play again. For example, a friend of mine sits in Hitman for hours and he prepared the Hitman contract for our partner, while my other friend spent hours to do these tasks. I need to be in this kind of structure, I'm not, so for me the game is 6 hours.


You are informed in a voice and text way as you begin the sections, you can still see the informative texts about the target characters. Your silencer gun is also indispensable and unique equipment. The goals are not easy to reach, disguised, distracting officials or guards. You're stealing or roaming rooftops to enter private areas where you're not invited. Most recent, final, liked the part. Wide range of gameplay, lots of goals and different ways of eliminating these goals, it was really good to face what I wanted to face in the story. This shows that I have adopted the Mark. The voice, character design and the dark air of the game are really good.

In-game in-game cinematics, breezes from other games (Max Payne, Hitman), good excerpts from movies. However, there are some sides in the class like The Slater, who like their good side. His head attracts animations and artificial intelligence. Some of the character modeling and the main characters except the artificial intelligence, especially the task-guard-police characters such as clones of the game is not suited. Despite the suspicious movements ne no, I do not say the brothers ler and the destination of the routines of the target characters due to the shallowness of the sadly I break points. I understand that the use of motion capture technology can be very burdensome for a team of this size, but in this era, I cannot tolerate these animations even if they are independent, the later animations could be overhauled, I cannot accept excuses.

The Slater class, which performs its promise and makes it at a lame price, passes the class. The next game will definitely be more successful, my expectations are great. Don't miss out if you love Hitman style games. Think of the 2016-made Hitman's spin-off. Recall that the sections were sold in mercenaries, in the price of 2 Hitman section you liked the new character, a chaotic concept and 6 filled sections, I think.

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