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Gears of War System Requirements

Gears of War System Requirements

Can I Run Gears of War

Release Date: 06.11.2007

Minimum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Core2 Duo P8600 @ 2.40GHz
Amd CPU AMD A8-6410 APU
NVidia GPU GeForce 6600
Radeon GPU RADEON X700
Ram 1
HDD 12
Directx DirectX 9
DedicatedVideoRam NULL
PixelShader 2.0
VertexShader 2.0
OS Windows XP or Vista
Maximum Requirements
Directx NULL
DedicatedVideoRam NULL
PixelShader NULL
VertexShader NULL

Here are the Gears of War System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel 2.4 GHz+ / AMD 2.0 GHz+
  • CPU SPEED: 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows XP or Vista
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA Geforce 6600+ / ATI x700+
  • 3D: Yes
  • DVD-ROM: Yes

Some games are a continuation of a famous production or a new project that looks very good. However, it is true that, as announced, they cause a great excitement and expectation that others cannot. The published screenshots, videos officially blossom the appetite. Here's the second category of Gears of War. It was launched as a new game and a new adventure. Announced, promised, comments were made. People made tons of articles and comments on forums for Gears of War. But the full version of the game was not around. Expectations increased and patience overflowed. GOW (Let me address it shortly) came from Epic Games, a master producer. Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2004, such as games that give us a company, of course, the thrill of excitement. Finally GOW came out and showed his face.

A new classic?

When Gears of War appeared on the screen, my heart started to hit. Because it was a game that excited me for a long time. As soon as I entered the building, the first remarkable detail was of course the graphs that made people talk about people for months and attracted the most attention. GOW uses the Unreal 3 Engine and has done a great job. The coatings and textures were excellent, especially the light and shading details on top of them were seriously superb. When you enter the bottom of a place you look at the construction of the distance, the details do not include a distortion in the graphics. In some games, a place that looks good in the distance can be as if it were made of mud soon. But in GOW, I have never seen it. Unreal 3 has drawn the environment wonderfully and the details are really going crazy. Not only the environment, but the modeling is also very detailed. The main character Marcus Fenix ​​and the other characters were wonderfully illustrated, and the filmmakers paid attention to the details. Perhaps one of the biggest parts of them is the contamination of the characters' faces as the game progresses. Even the deformation of the armor on their necks has even found their way. Even the redness of the neck part of the armor is clear. When you run, the pieces of the earth that stand behind you, your gun's fire, your enemies, Locust'ların until the internal organs of the very fine and important details. Especially the explosion effects in the production are dazzling, as if you think that the enemy or the enemy is really exploding and in flames. Your enemies have been beautifully modeled like other characters. Definitely don't think that they will stay down from you, despite the excellent graphics, the game is also a plus.


While the graphs form the basis of the atmosphere and show us that ruined and spilled war environment, we get our share in our ears. The sounds are also certainly as successful as the charts and are quite detailed. The effect of the deaths of the Locusts you killed is not the same. Used differently. Weapons are definitely filling their ears. It's perfect enough to take a gun in your hand and make you feel like you're diving against enemies. You can hear sound effects to the finest point. Bullets hit the wall, each explosion has a separate sound effect, action-packed scenes do not use the single effects, certainly in the GOW'da sound made quite a variety. Conversations, voiceovers and others are in a wonderful way. After nice graphics, they finish the whole event and complete the atmosphere. I take my hat off to Epic Games here and greet.


It's a great advantage to have such a beautiful game. Certainly, every player can get used to the controls after a little warm-up and doesn't get bored. The gameplay is easy with easy controls. Ghost Recon and Kill Switch games that we will remember and take the shot to shoot, GOW'da quite a method we will deal with. We certainly can't dive to enemies like Kamikaze because our enemies are smart. Taking trenches and shooting makes conflicts more enjoyable and fun. The place where we take the trench can also break apart. If we hide behind a stone we can stand, but if we go behind hard objects such as furniture, etc., it can be disintegrated in a short time. When you shoot behind a chair in many productions, it can be as if the chair is bulletproof. But this does not exist in GOW and makes the atmosphere of the construction more realistic. Near and far clashes are one of the most wonderful parts of construction. Entering such great action in the perfect atmosphere attracts the player. When we get a shield, we have the option to shoot another feature ”Blind Fire Fire. However, if we do, our bullets go to karambole and it is difficult to hit our opponents. You can do this occasionally to keep the enemies away, but I wouldn't always recommend it. The event is not only to shoot at the opposite trenches, but also to enter close fights and prepare the finish. While you are fighting a group Locust, you can suddenly come from a back or side to another Locust. You could confront him with a sudden. At this time, your saw is going to be used to crush your opponents. Once Locust attacks you, you can make a right move and make him a kilo Locust. It's not just about everything, you can hold a pump or sweep through your head and stick your brain on the wall. Especially at times you have to kill your enemies exactly. Do not think that when they scan them well and fall to the ground, they definitely go to the other world, go on the head and do the exact death of the saw. It is also quite easy to throw grenades in the GOW, you have to do is to determine the route and shake the bomb. Another interesting point is that it clings to the location of the bomb, that is, when it comes to your enemy, it sticks to your body and your opponent can't get rid of it. Thus, a strict murder occurs.


Gears of War

I One of the innovations in the game is to fill the gun. You can do this automatically or manually. But it is a fact that your weapon is not filled directly. When your ammunition is finished, a bar comes out. There is a marked section in this bar. This section consists of two parts. The first is a bright whiteness and the other a darker whiteness. When you press Reload, a sign starts to move in the bar. If you put the first part on the mark, your weapon will be filled quickly and you will receive extra strokes. If you hold the second part, you'll see a normal replacement of the magazine. If you stay out of these parts, then the gun is seizing and Reload. You can familiarize yourself with the manual filling after a few exercises. This makes it much easier for you. Böylece
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Artificial intelligence

I advised you not to get trapped in the game and not to enter the Rambosuluk. That's because your enemies were smart. Yes, GOW has the best artificial intelligence of 2006. They're definitely not stupid. When you shoot, they take cover, take a bomb, run away, someone will stall you while the other is behind you and trying to finish your work. There are thousands of kinds of tactics, and when it comes to being quite annoying. They certainly do not put their best to grant you the mercy of the right. The Bosses who come in the same way are not stupid either. For example, the first Boss in the mines will seriously compel you. This blind creature is very sensitive to smell and noise. You've got to go outside, breaking the mine's door locked. You can sweat quite a while. Because he can follow the sound and leave you in very difficult situations. Our team mates outside the enemies are also smart. But our fellow warriors who joined us are not as clever as Locust's. Sometimes they can catch a surprise with a few mistakes they make. However, they certainly do with their intelligence and the extra firepower they provide. We are also able to give orders to our teammates.

Multi player support

When GOW's Single Player ends, don't worry, there is Multiplayer which will make the game last longer and make itself play repeatedly. Multi player is definitely one of the most enjoyable parties. Co-Op, WarZone, Assassination and Execution GOW Multiplay

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