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FIFA 19 System Requirements

FIFA 19 System Requirements

Can I Run FIFA 19

Release Date: 28/09/2018

Minimum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Core i3-2100
Amd CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965
NVidia GPU GeForce GTX 460
Radeon GPU AMD Radeon R7 260
Ram 8
Directx DirectX
DedicatedVideoRam 1
PixelShader 5.0
VertexShader 5.0
OS Windows 7/8.1/10 - 64-Bit
Maximum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Core i3-6300T @ 3.30GHz
Amd CPU equivalent
NVidia GPU GeForce GTX 670
Radeon GPU Radeon R9 270X
Ram 8
Directx DirectX
DedicatedVideoRam 2
PixelShader 5.0
VertexShader 5.0
OS Windows 10 - 64-Bit
Do you know these ?
What is Directx? What is CPU? What is GPU? What is RAM? What is HDD? What is Video Ram? What is the Operating System? What is Pixel Shader? What is Vertex Shader?

First of all, I would like to talk about the innovations that FIFA 19 brings, more precisely the first outstanding innovations. Personally, I have been playing the FIFA

First of all, I would like to talk about the innovations that FIFA 19 brings, more precisely the first outstanding innovations. Personally, I have been playing the FIFA series continuously since FIFA 95, and in recent years I have been seriously jealous of PES, the UEFA Champions League. I'm really glad when I learned that PES has long stayed in the UEFA Champions League license this year. Because the license was passed day by day to FIFA. EA Sports also didn't surprise us and announced the future of FIFA 19 with the UEFA Champions League license.

When it comes to the Champions League, one of the first things that comes to our minds is the atmosphere. Personally, I could not meet the expectations of FIFA for years, the atmosphere of the match, maybe the UEFA Champions League theme blended with the expectations I said I can meet. But I can say that I can't exactly get what I expected. Of course, at the beginning of the matches, UEFA's great anthem to suffocate enough to hear, but FIFA in general, the match atmosphere and supporters still think I do not emphasize enough. FIFA had to replicate these steps in the past few years. Maybe the match between the match, or between real matches, just like the real fans to zoom in, or the support of fans, such as increasing the details remained unfortunate. But if the FIFA 18 is enough for you, FIFA 19 will satisfy you with the UEFA plugin.

Now that I throw the ball in front of the fast man, the lean is running away and the 90'll turn off the turn.

Before moving on to the changes made in tactics, I can now say that the pass is a little closer to FIFA 18's famous update. But it's not as simple as the first FIFA 18 came out. Players with a low rust feature are able to destroy positions with really crappy passes. Especially when I gave him the chance at FUT, he was able to destroy every position, conquering his contract and connecting Perisic to my colors instead. In other words, the main text of the game as a result of the building based on the pass is set to give players a chance to give the chance to over 75 players. Along with the rusts, I felt the most serious change in long balls. It is more effective and easier to open the middle than in the past. If you think that the game will finally allow wing attacks to end as a result of this change, yes you are right. Half of the goals I scored in the Ultimate Team mode came after the air balls with head or vole-like shots, and I can say that it was much easier to score goals than the old. At least 3-4 of my average of 20 matches I could sign the generic goals. This positively affected the feeling of the game.

One of the innovations that came with FIFA 19 is Timed Finishing, which can be translated into Turkish as Timed Finishing. What this system promises us is to meet with the world's rounds with more accurate shots. However, to be clear, I have not fully understood how the system works even after all these games. When you touch the Shot key, a bar is displayed at the top, and your goal is to send the ball as much as possible to the green field by pressing the smash button again. But let me tell you, this is hard. I can't say it was a novelty. Who knows, maybe I can't do that, of course.
Come on, tactical screen. One of the issues highlighted in the introduction of FIFA 19 is the elaboration of the tactics, which is my favorite innovation about FIFA 19. Personally, no manager games have been played in his life, and football knowledge is one of FIFA. I don't understand. I had no idea what the adjustments were like in the previous FIFA games. However, these features are explained by visualizing the new tactical screen. In other words, seeing what I did is a good way to see what works. For example, you can now set how many players in the penalty area will wait for their tactical settings while using a horn.
The effect of the tactics we have on the game is undeniable, I felt the effect of all the settings I used in different trial matches with different tactical settings. For the first time in a FIFA game I've done tactical adjustments. I send my love to EA Sports for the innovations brought to the tactics in terms of the depth of the game.

There's not much I can add on the atmosphere side. Instead of leaving the end of the graphical side of the subject to the visual content of two words and I want to switch to the original legislation. As you know, FIFA 19 is being developed with DICE's Frostbite engine since FIFA 17. In fact, I only have to use the visual side of the engine. Likewise, for the physics engine and mechanics, we still see more of Ignite Engine's traces. However, there is a lack of game on the physics side. Collisions, hangouts, falls are very natural and realistic. There is a lack of games on the side of animations. FIFA 18 also offered a more natural experience to be a little more aggravated. In the visual sense, I noticed no changes. The players sweat a little more and the field deformation has become more sedentary. It was a good decision not to encounter a field that turned into a minefield in the 30th minute. The player faces are still soulless, although they are successful. We can indicate that PES is superior to FIFA 3-5 shirts here. FIFA faces are completely artificial, especially in PES.

Once you put the graphics aside, let's play. Now I have a lot to say about it, but I'm not sure how to put it in words. Because the FIFA series does not go into radical changes in any new game, but rather changes the game with little touches. So I came up with this, instead of saying it's gone, as someone who has played FIFA 18 for a very long time, I'll try to tell me how the game feels and what I've noticed.
First of all, let me say that the game does not make a significant difference on the speed side compared to FIFA 18. You may feel the slightest weight in general care. But don't let this get you away from the game, as well as this little touch, the newly added tactical screen and elaborated tactics. Now that I throw the ball in front of the fast man, the lean is running away and the 90'll turn off the turn. We are waiting for an FIFA, based on football and intelligence, who has been removed from individual football.

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