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Call of Duty 2 System Requirements

Call of Duty 2 System Requirements

Can I Run Call of Duty 2

Release Date: 25.10.2005

Minimum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Pentium 4 1.40GHz
Amd CPU AMD Athlon XP 1500
NVidia GPU GeForce 310
Radeon GPU Radeon HD 8500M
Ram 256
Directx DirectX 9
DedicatedVideoRam 64
PixelShader 1.1
VertexShader 1.1
OS English version of Windows 2000/XP
Maximum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Pentium 4 1.40GHz
Amd CPU AMD Athlon XP 1500
NVidia GPU GeForce 6800
Ram 512
Directx DirectX 9
DedicatedVideoRam 128
PixelShader 2.0
VertexShader 2.0
OS English version of Windows 2000/XP
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Call of Duty 2 system requirements Can I Run it ? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC Call of Duty 2 Minimum requirements, Call of Duty 2 can you run it

Check the Call of Duty 2 system requirements. Can I Run it ? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC
Call of Duty 2 Minimum requirements, Call of Duty 2 can you run it


Call Of Duty 2 is a game of First Person Shooter (FPS) which presents you with World War II in all its glory. Ivanovich Koslov from Russia, Sergeant John Davis and Tanker Commander David Welsh from the UK, Corporal Bill Taylor from the United States, and the World War II in this world war.

As it is known, the 2nd World War took place on many different fronts. Nazi Germany, which has fewer weapons in its management but has higher quality weapons in terms of equipments, is among the giant powers like Russia, England and USA. The game consists of 3 different fronts.

Russian Front: First you are a Russian soldier of the Red Army in 1941 and you defend Moscow against the Germans. Also in this section of education is happening. Then you defend Stalingrad against the Germans. The Soviet divisions in 1942 will be very hard for you because the Germans have a tactical advantage. But in 1943 you will be very comfortable. Because you have the upper hand. Here is your rank, your name is Vasili Ivanovic Koslov.
British Front: You're playing Sergeant John Davis, who is fighting the Germans in North Africa. After clashes and missions in several cities and towns in Egypt, you are clearing the city from the Germans, and as a British tank commander, you are fighting your Crusader tank with your Panzer II in Libya. Then you serve in Tunisia and Eastern France.

American Front: American missions begin with the longest part of the game. Here, Normandy is one of the most realistic and challenging parts of the game. You are reviving Corporal Bill Taylor, who is trying to clear Normandy with the Dog manga. After that, in the city of Bergstein, you suppress the last resistance of the Germans. Then you take part in Operation Plunder. After the clashes and missions we entered in a German city, we meet and talk with our friends and an American commander in the city square and the game ends.

The greatest contribution of World War II was undoubtedly to the arms industry. The gun sector evolved more than ever and the production of weapons was almost 10 times higher. The game of the Forces offered almost all of these weapons.

Russian Weapons: Mosin-Nagant, PPSh-41, PPS-43, Tokarev TT-33, Scoped Mosin-Nagant, Simonov
British Weapons: Bren LMG, Sten, Thompson, Lee-Enfield, M1918 Browning, Scoped Lee-Enfield, Colt .45, Webley
American Weapons: M1 Garand, Thompson, M1918 Browning, M1 Carbine, Springfield M1903, Colt .45
German Weapons: Mauser Snow 98k, Gewehr 43, Luger, MP40, StG 44, MG42, Scoped Gewehr 43, Scoped Snow 98k

There are many innovations and plus directions that distinguishes the game from the 1st game.

Larger spaces: Places in Call of Duty 2 are 50% - 200% wider than the first game venues.
Improved artificial intelligence: Now enemies can escape from grenades, take cover, shoot you and your team from side to side and hunt for surprise. Of course, these are not only for enemies, but your teammates have these features.
War conversations: Now you can learn from your teammates what is going on in the battlefield. There are enemies hiding in the corners, enemy troops are approaching and you can get a lot more information from your teammates. For this feature, Infinity Ward added a full 20,000-line conversation to the game.
Improved graphics: With the new game engine IW engine, all the features of DirectX 9 have been used to create a special effort for particle effects; for example, dust clouds, blinding black fumes that come up with gunfire, and so on, particle effects seem extremely impressive.
Realistic game structure: Call of Duty 2 is more realistic than the first game of the series. Life indicators and life-saving packets from enemies have been removed. What should be done in order not to die when severe injuries are taken; wait calmly in a suitable place and come to ourselves.

The game is really an excellent Fps game in general sense. But as in every game, there are slight shortcomings in this game.

No matter how high we choose the graphics, there is no shadow of the character we play.
Game 1. Point of view (FPS) is a game only part of your arms and arm looks up here is no problem. But you will notice that you do not appear when you look at your feet.

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