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Call of Cthulhu System Requirements

Call of Cthulhu System Requirements

Can I Run Call of Cthulhu

Release Date: 30.10.2018

Minimum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Core i5-3450 @ 3.10GHz
Amd CPU AMD FX-6300 Six-Core
NVidia GPU GeForce GTX 660
Radeon GPU Radeon HD 7870
Ram 8
HDD 13
Directx Directx
DedicatedVideoRam 2
PixelShader 5.0
VertexShader 5.0
OS Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)
Maximum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Core i7-3820 @ 3.60GHz
Amd CPU AMD FX-8370 Eight-Core
NVidia GPU GeForce GTX 970
Radeon GPU Radeon R9 390
Ram 8
HDD 13
Directx Directx
DedicatedVideoRam 4
PixelShader 5.1
VertexShader 5.1
OS Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)
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Check the Call of Cthulhu system requirements. Can I Run it ? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC Call of Cthulhu Minimum requirements, Call of Cthulhu can you run it

Check the Call of Cthulhu system requirements. Can I Run it ? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC
Call of Cthulhu Minimum requirements, Call of Cthulhu can you run it


Call of Cthulhu gives you clues as to how the game has developed from the menu system, and as soon as you start the game you find yourself in a big nightmare. In 1924, we run a special detective called Pierce. Pierce, who spends the worst period of his life, floating in a debt-ridden swing, naturally embraces a mysterious job offer that comes to him and sets sail on the island of Darkwater off the coast of Boston to investigate the tragedy that the Hawkins family has gone through.

Call of Cthulhu Review
Call of Cthulhu as the name suggests, H.P. A production inspired by Lovecraft's Cthulhu theme. Cthulhu, also known as the Supreme Ancients, is already located at the center of the game. Throughout the game you encounter this theme and, of course, references to many events in this iconic universe. In fact, as in the table top games, the game is built on an order and you are part of this order you feel at every moment of Call of Cthulhu. Even though this situation frees you in some moments, it puts the game in a big dilemma at some moments.

In the center of Call of Cthulhu lies the research dynamics. Therefore, if you are in a crowded area, you can talk with the locals around to get information. This is a conversation with plenty of choices such as RPG games and you get a lot of information in the name of the story with chats. The dynamics of the RPG is not only reflected in the dialogue but also in the analysis of the work. For example, you can unlock extra dialogues with your points. When the business moves to solve the event, ie the next stage, the dynamics of the game remain a bit old. Especially the transitions in the town part or the dynamics of hiding in the mental hospital test your patience in this regard. Perhaps these dynamics we encountered 10 years ago may cause you to get tired of the game. Fortunately, when you move to the manor house, the game begins to roll itself together and the story drifts to a more interesting side.

As I said at the beginning, Call of Cthulhu is a construction where research dynamics come to the fore. In this context, an intuition mode is also included in the game. When you have an event to solve, you enter the intuition mode and you are painting the events that happened before. In intuition mode, you find the missing parts of the event together with the clues you found. This works fine, but you usually have to find all the clues respectively. This process is quite necessary in some moments when the plot needs to be adhered, but in some cases it can become troublesome.

For example, you entered the dining hall in the mansion and you are trying to solve an event. When you enter intuition mode, you understand that the couple is fighting. Here you are looking at the mess in the table, and then you find a plate that is falling and falling apart. So in the plot, you first have to solve the fight and then reach the plate, which is perfectly normal. But in the same way when you go to the children's room you see interesting pictures on the wall and you can not interact with these pictures. Even if the plot is not sequential, you must first look at another item in the room to be able to look at these images. This sense of intuition, which is fluent in the fighting part, is always trying to get you into a heart. In short, I wish I could release a little more.

You have to make choices at some moments in the production. But there are very old dynamics in these parts. You can not even see that these choices are interrupted in the game because pre-prepared intermediate scenes are used in the game. For example, at the beginning of the game you can choose whether or not a police officer will accompany you when going to the mansion. I've chosen the police officer to come with me in order not to be alone in this husband's and the gloomy mansion. When you enter the manor, you realize that the police are not present in the pre-made cineamats, even though the police are right next to me. If you do not select it already, you need to be involved in some way later in the event. Because the police officer who does not appear in the cinematic when I am free, can be involved in the event.


Let's talk a little bit about the atmosphere of the game, because this is probably what I like about Call of Cthulhu. In the visual sense, the game is not very ambitious, however, you realize that the phenomenon of the atmosphere has an incredible effect on the visual direction. The designs, sculptures and the facts about this myth made a big contribution to the game. Especially in the game you want to open a separate parenthesis in the table. These paintings prepared with watercolor really shudder inside the human. Perhaps the paintings that you won't see, even prepared carefully. The latest portrait of Vigo in the latest Ghostbusters 2 film made me so chilling. When you were already alone, the gas lamp was a gas, you can say that the game was chilling sounds, and the game has done its part in this.

As a result, Call of Cthulhu manages to make players wonder with their atmosphere and story. Intuition dynamics, places where the game is past, and the curiosity of the story have been well processed. When we go into the dynamics of gameplay, it makes us feel low budget and old age.

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