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Battlefield 4 System Requirements

Battlefield 4 System Requirements

Can I Run Battlefield 4

Release Date: 29.10.2013

Minimum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Core2 Duo P8600 @ 2.40GHz
Amd CPU AMD Athlon II X2 240e
NVidia GPU GeForce 8800 GT
Radeon GPU Radeon HD 3870
Ram 4
HDD 30
Directx DirectX
DedicatedVideoRam 512
PixelShader 4.0
VertexShader 4.0
OS Windows Vista SP2 32-Bit (with KB971512 System Update)
Maximum Requirements
Intel CPU Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
Amd CPU AMD FX-6300 Six-Core
NVidia GPU GeForce GTX 660
Radeon GPU Radeon HD 7870
Ram 8
HDD 30
Directx DirectX
DedicatedVideoRam 3
PixelShader 5.0
VertexShader 5.0
OS Windows 8 64-Bit
Do you know these ?
What is Directx? What is CPU? What is GPU? What is RAM? What is HDD? What is Video Ram? What is the Operating System? What is Pixel Shader? What is Vertex Shader?

Check the Battlefield 4 system requirements. Can I Run it ? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC Battlefield 4 Minimum requirements, Battlefield 4 can you run it

Check the Battlefield 4 system requirements. Can I Run it ? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC
Battlefield 4 Minimum requirements, Battlefield 4 can you run it


The review covers only the one-man scenario of the game, the Campaign.
- The evaluations in the review have nothing to do with the multiplayer mode.
-Battlefield 4 Multiplayer will be reviewed separately and added to our website.

We are at the beginning of war
Some game series are special to us. We will avoid them and protect them. For us each part is special. We remember and love every moment. The Battlefield series is also for me. It was the second time I met Battlefield. We've loved each other ever since. You probably guess how excited I was when the fourth dimension of the war was with us.

We look at the ratings before the players are in possession. When I see the score, it seems like I see your reaction. You may have said that some of you have found little, some of whom you said exactly, or even some of them. But as I mentioned above, the review only covers the scenario mode. I don't want to overshadow the real Battlefield excitement, which is the biggest reason why we're going to examine Multiplayer separately. When you play, you will see two different worlds. Anyway, I've extended it again, let's take a look at Tombstone's adventures without you getting bored.

Fishing in Baku
A great opening like game number three is waiting for you. We are stuck in a car with our team at the bottom of the sea. The doors do not open naturally due to pressure and the only way out is to explode the glass by creating a shock effect. Although the result is a deadly decision, the other option means absolute death. The character we lead, Sergeant Daniel Recker, takes action and fires our gun ...
... We're going backto duty hours hours ago. We are in Azerbaijan and the army wants us to seize an intelligence in Baku, and we are going after this intelligence with our team (Tombstone). This part is also the Tutorial of the game.
First of all, we can now manage our orders and give orders. Keep in mind that there is no comprehensive event like Brother in Arms. The situation in BF4 is very simple. We have an 'Engage gösteren bar above the HUD which shows our ammunition. When we activate the engage bar, all enemies in our line of sight are marked and the team turns towards the enemies that are fully marked. I obviously found this feature a bit unnecessary. Such a sign system is completely open to the enemies and our work is very easy. If you ask me, I think that one of the biggest reasons why the marking system has come is that it may be a problem of not seeing the enemy in the third game. Because of the lighting in the game, the enemies didn't appear and we kept dying and dying before we even knew where the fire came from. Now, if we want to be pitched dark if we activate the feature we can see the location of all enemies.

Another noticeable change in the introduction was the use of weapons and equipment. Playing the game with certain weapons used in today's FPS and the mechanism of changing weapons according to the situation are completely thrown away. In BF4, there are weapons and equipment chests that are constantly encountered throughout the game. While the action is going on, it comes to the crates and refreshes our ammunition and we can change our weapons and make improvements if we want. There are innovations next to familiar weapons and equipment. The most striking is undoubtedly the blinding bombs. However, in spite of the changes, it was a bit disturbing to be able to come up with guns in step-by-step arms and to close the sections with ten different weapons in a game with realistic infrastructure.


There's a Sounded Scenery Out there, see?
I know, but I can't see it. Don't get me wrong, Battlefield 4 comes to us with the best Battlefield scenario. But he tells the story so incorrectly that after a while you'll miss the end of the rope and find yourself in a Shooter where you only shoot artificial intelligence.

Year 2020 and on the verge of World War (when not?). There is a great military and administrative revolution in China. Admiral Chang seized power and put the country in a downturn. The people are on the verge of revolt. Any confusion in China, which is now a superpower, will naturally affect the rest of the Earth. The fact that the Admiral was supported by the Russians and that the life of China's envisioned leader, Jin Jié, is under threat, forces America to mobilize.

Like I said, Battlefield 4 has a really good story. Political intrigues, assassination plans, big conflicts and people who don't avoid spending people for the sake of their own ambitions ell DICE has added horrible, humorous events about war to the game. I certainly don't want to give the spoiler so just let me say this; In a scene, at the beginning of the game, our main character is doing something like that. I almost fell out of the chair I sat on. In the game, the dark side of the war is definitely given great importance and after all the oppressive heroic stories, this aspect of the game suddenly hits you.

Our team Tombstone consists of four people. The character we manage is Sergeant Daniel Recker, Kimble Graves (Irish), Clayton Pakowski (Pac) and Hanna. After Hanna is involved, there are some interesting events and sometimes the nerves within the team. Tombstone is experiencing difficult moments across the story because of the tensions and chaos that come with it.

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